Low Key Style for the Easter Weekend

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We’ve certainly been waiting a long time for the Easter weekend to come around this year. Whatever events you’ve got planned, we hope it turns out to be worth the wait!

Our favourite way to celebrate Easter is to get together for a special meal with family and friends. Traditional Easter fare such as roast lamb, hot cross buns and Simnel cakes always go down wonderfully… as do lashings of chocolate eggs!

If you’re planning a delightfully relaxed family meal over the long weekend, you’ll want to ensure your wardrobe choices reflect this.

Our advice is to skip the full suit, especially if you’re entertaining or being entertained in a family home. There are other more low key ways to make an impact with your style.

Choose chinos

We think the chino is the perfect choice for an Easter meal. They are the ideal smart/casual trousers; and they’re comfortable enough to withstand even the most over-indulgent of meals! If in doubt, you can’t go wrong with classic navy blue.

Choose a well cut shirt

There’s an idea that the cut of shirts isn’t as important as the cut of other tailored garments. We dispute this! How well your shirt fits you has a huge impact on the success of your outfit. A bespoke shirt makes a beautifully understated statement.

Choose quality knitwear

It’s hard to know what the weather will be doing this afternoon, never mind by the end of the week. A lambswool or cashmere pullover is the perfect option should it turn out to be a cooler weekend.

Choose accessories

Sometimes it’s the finishing touches that can really make or break an outfit. A close-knit meal with family and friends is an excellent time to try out a new accessory and see how it makes you feel. Why not try an eye-catching belt, a lambswool necktie, or a new pair of shoes?

Happy Easter!