Last Minute Tips for a Stylish NYE

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We’re fast approaching the second big event of the festive season: New Year’s Eve. This special night is lauded by many for being the biggest party night of the year. Whether you’re spending it at a gala ball, a wine bar, a house party or an intimate dinner with friends, we suspect you’ll all share one key goal: to start 2017 in the style in which you mean to go on!

If, like many of us, you’re not yet prepared for the big night, don’t worry.

Below are our last minute tips for a stylish New Year’s Eve. 

  • Carefully chosen accessories such as a bow tie and a pocket square can turn office wear into exciting party wear. Co-ordinate accessories for a put-together look, or chose contrasting shades for a more off-beat outfit. 
  • A casual gathering doesn’t mean that style shouldn’t be on your agenda. A good quality blazer and shirt will always look great. Pair them with suit trousers, chinos or dark jeans, depending on the dress code of your destination. 
  • Luxury fabrics such as tweed and velvet can feel very festive at this time of year. Blazers made from these fabrics can also be excellent if you want to wear something a bit special without  opting for a traditional suit or dinner jacket.
  • Taxis can be hard to come by on New Year’s Eve (or new year’s morning), which means you may end up walking further than you planned. Prepare for this by wearing well-fitted shoes with soles that won’t slip. We also recommend a warm overcoat!

Of course, the most important accessories for a fantastic New Year’s celebration are family and friends! Wherever you’ll be when the clocks strike midnight, we hope you have a wonderful night and a peaceful start to 2017.