Is it Ever Okay to Not Tuck in Your Shirt?

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The overall success of your look will have almost as much to do with how you wear your clothes as it does what you choose to wear in the first place. 

How to wear your shirt, and whether or not to tuck it in, is a good example of this. Shirts can be a style minefield as they come in so many different fabrics, styles, fits, colours, patterns and shapes. There is also variation in how different people choose to wear them.

One of the key issues here is to tuck or not to tuck. Is it ever okay to go untucked?

If you are attending a formal event or are wearing a shirt underneath a suit, in 99% of cases the right thing to do is to tuck your shirt in. Trust us on this one. 

If, however, you are attending a casual or smart/casual event, you may wish to wear a shirt without tucking it in. If you’re unsure whether this is appropriate, ask yourself the following questions:

What fabric is your shirt made from?

There are certain types of shirt that should generally not be tucked. Namely: denim, flannel and plaid shirts. These more casual shirts will look their best when not tucked in. 

Does your shirt have an even hem?

Formal shirts that are made to be worn with a suit will usually have a hem that is longer at the back than at the front. This type of shirt is designed to be tucked in. Shirts that have an even hem all the way round are designed to be more flexible and may work left untucked. 

What are you wearing with the shirt?

If you are wearing the shirt under something else, it should be tucked in. This includes jackets, blazers, waistcoats, cardigans and sweaters. Equally, if the event you are attending is formal enough for a tie, then it is formal enough to require a tucked in shirt.

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