How to Wear Colour in the Winter

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Colour can be easier to get right in the summer months. Fewer layers and lighter evenings often make it feel more appropriate to wear brighter hues. Breezy pastel shirts feel like a natural sartorial choice, as do coloured chinos and perhaps even a boating inspired blazer

In the winter, however, the opposite is generally true. Many of us match our wardrobe to the weather and spend the colder months sporting a limited wardrobe of black, grey, navy and brown.

To this we say; why not be a little braver?! January can be dismal enough without limiting ourselves to a dreary colour palette. 

If you’d like to bring some colour to your winter wear, here are three ways to give it a go.

Level one: accessories

If you’re unsure of your confidence with wardrobe brights, accessories are a low-commitment way to give them a go. A scarf or gloves in a rich hue can be a great way to dip your toes in the water. If you like the effect, a tie or pocket square could be the next step up. 

Not sure about what colour to go for? If in doubt, always stick to rich jewel tones. They’re traditional for a simple reason: they’re flattering to wear. 

Level two: knitwear

If you’re comfortable with colourful accessories and want to take things a few steps further, a bright sweater could be just the trick. Wear it on its own with suit trousers or under your jacket. Not only will it bring a bit of excitement to your look, it’ll also add warmth.

Level three: tailoring

Of course, the ultimate way to wear colour in the winter is to go all out with a colourful suit. Men’s tailoring traditionally has a fairly limited palette; but that’s not to say you need to stick to it! Rich winter fabrics such as velvet and corduroy can look excellent in shades such as deep red, racing car green, royal blue or purple.

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