How to Wear a Sun Hat with a Suit

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 We’ve been lucky enough to have enjoyed soaring temperatures so far this summer (along with a fair few rainy days to even it all out). If you wear a suit for work, you’ll know it can be hard to balance the task of looking smart and stylish with feeling cool and comfortable.

Though we’d be the first to stand up and shout about the importance of looking our best… we also know just how important it is to make sure you’re being safe in the sun. 

There are a whole range of ways you can work with your tailor to make sure your tailoring is as comfortable and cool as possible. On top of this, we’d also recommend a good quality sunscreen and a sunhat.

Tailoring fans have sometimes veered strongly away from hats on the basis of fashion. We’re here to assure you this doesn’t need to be the case. There are ways to top your tailoring with a sunhat and end up looking more like James Bond than an overgrown school boy.

Our first recommendation here is to go classic. It is never (we repeat never) ideal to wear a baseball cap or bucket style hat with a suit. Instead, we recommend choosing a vintage style straw-type hat.

We think the best option here, especially if you’re new to the suit and sun hat game, is a panama. Panama hats are wide brimmed, light in colour and beautifully stylish. We think they look fantastic with a suit… and you can pull one off with very little effort. For top points, match the band of your panama to either the colour of your suit or the colour of your tie. 

Invest in a panama this summer and you’ll have no excuse not to shade yourself from the sun's strong rays.

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