How to Turn Heads in a Statement Suit

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There comes a time in the life of most gentlemen when they want to really make a statement with their clothing. This may line up with a big event such as a wedding or award ceremony, or it may just be in response to a wardrobe full of classic black, grey and navy tailoring.

Whatever the reason, trust us when we say there’s no need to shy away from the idea of a statement suit.

What counts as a statement suit?

The good news here is that men’s fashion, like most things, is all relative. One gentleman’s bold statement is another’s everyday office wear! 

For some, a full on statement suit may be tailored from patterned fabric, for others it might just mean straying outside the boundaries of the usual colour trifecta. 

The thing that all statement suits have in common is that they represent a break from the norm and take the wearer outside of their usual comfort zone. After all, it’s outside our comfort zones that all the best things tend to happen! 

How to make your statement suit work

Don’t make more of a statement than you’re comfortable with

The absolute key to pulling off a statement suit is to wear it with confidence. If you really don’t feel comfortable in something, it’s unlikely you’ll turn heads in it: at least not in the way you’d like!

Keep your statement traditional (in some ways)

One of the beast ways to ensure your statement suit remains stylish is to retain many features of traditional tailoring. We’d recommend sticking with a traditional shape and fit, but experimenting with fabric type, colour and pattern. 

Look to the history of fashion for inspiration

The history of tailoring is rich with fantastic style inspiration. Why not consider adopting the colour palette of the 1950s, the patterned suiting fabric of the 1930s or the textures of the 1970s? All of these tried-and-tested looks can work brilliantly in combination with more modern tailoring shapes and techniques.

Looking for more ideas?

Whether you’re thinking bold pinstripes, deep jewel tones or vintage-friendly houndstooth, there’s a myriad of excellent inspiration boards available for your perusal on Pinterest. We love this collection of white suits and these illustrations of vintage men’s tailoring.