How to Style Tailored Shorts

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 Most gentlemen have a pair or two of tailored shorts in their wardrobe. Shorts are a versatile piece of summer clothing that can be worn for a range of different activities. In the past many tailoring fans steered well clear of shorts as they feared they were always a style disaster. However, we think shorts can be worn with great success.

Choosing the right shorts

The perfect pair of tailored shorts shouldn’t be too short. Generally speaking, they should stop just above the knee. This is short enough to keep you cool and comfortable, but long enough to be dignified.

We recommend choosing a pair of shorts with belt loops and pockets. This will make it much easier to style them as you would a smart pair of trousers. The colour or pattern is up to you: solid colours are easier to style (you may wish to stick with a neutral grey or navy to keep things simple). If you do fancy a more playful choice, patterned shorts are generally easier to style than patterned trousers as they have a smaller surface area!

Styling your shorts 

How you choose to style your shorts depends, of course, on how formal you need the finished outfit to be. A classically simple neutral t-shirt or polo shirt is likely to look great with a pair of polo shorts if you’re aiming for casual off-duty style. Style with sunglasses and a quality pair of flip flops.

Alternatively, we love the look of a comfortably loose white or pastel shirt with tailored shorts. Leave the top button or two undone and roll your sleeves up to just below your elbow. The result is a smart-casual look ideal for summer get-togethers with family or friends. 

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