How to Plan Your Wardrobe for the Festive Season

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December is here and so is the impetus to eat, drink and be merry. Over the coming weeks, you’re likely to have a range of festive gatherings on the calendar. Whether you’re attending an office Christmas party, a family get together or a seasonal cocktail party… we know you’ll want to look as sharp as possible.

We gentlemen don’t have quite as many options at our disposal as the ladies when it comes to festive attire. With that being said, there are a range of ways to bring a bit of seasonal cheer to your look without reverting to novelty ties or the dreaded Christmas jumper!

Why not take some time now to plan your Christmas wardrobe? 

Step one: prepare your dinner suit

If you will be attending any black tie events over Christmas or New Year, now is the time to make sure your dinner suit is in tip top condition. You may want to take it for a trip to the dry cleaners in readiness, or you may even need to have a quick conversation with your tailor.

Step two: curate festive tones

Trust us when we say that a sweater doesn’t need to have Father Christmas on it to feel seasonally appropriate! Red and green tones can go a long way to giving your outfit a festive boost without veering into naff territory. Red and green sweaters, shirts or even ties and pocket squares can be a great December touch.

Step three: experiment with accessories

If you do want to bring some more obvious festive cheer to your look, may we suggest you do it with accessories? Pocket squares, ties and bow ties are all great options for this. Metallics can look really effective here. Alternatively, if you do want to opt for a Christmas themed print, smaller scale prints can offer a subtler, more sophisticated way to do this.

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