How to Plan Out a Year in Tailoring

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A new decade is dawning and many of us have big plans for how we want to embrace the change. Improving your wardrobe and every day style is a popular aim at this time of year. Some gentlemen want to do this in line with big ambitions at work, while others want to do it in order to boost their self-image or make a better impression in social situations.

If you’d like to make 2020 the year you embrace a more polished personal style, why not follow our tips on planning out a year in tailoring? 

Step one: Understand your preferred aesthetic

In order to plan your tailoring year, the first step is to make sure you’re clear on the style aesthetic you’re aiming for. At this stage it can be really helpful to browse inspiration photos and ready to wear catalogues for ideas. You might want to save some of your favourite looks to show your tailor.

Step two: Take stock of what you have

It’s likely that you’ll want to invest in a few key new pieces to really develop your look. Before you get too caught up in the idea of new pieces, we suggest you do an audit of what’s already in your wardrobe. It’s helpful to think critically of which garments are still working for you and which aren’t. Clearing your wardrobe down to the pieces that make you feel great will highlight where the true gaps are.

Step three: Make a plan for investing in garments seasonally

Most of us won’t be starting the new decade by commissioning a whole new annual wardrobe. Instead, we suggest breaking the year down into seasons and planning to invest in a few versatile items each one. Remember, tailored garments typically take between six and eight weeks from first appointment to final fitting, so you’ll want to allow plenty of time. 

Would you like some guidance on moving forward with a new look? You can book an appointment with our expert tailors here.