How to Dress for Summer in the Office

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The summer months can be a double-edged sword when it comes to making decisions about your wardrobe. Depending on the dress code of your office, you may find that you need to stick to strict formal tailoring even when the temperatures start to soar.

In these cases, there are ways to feel as cool and comfortable as possible, without sacrificing your look. 

Want to know know to dress for summer in the office? Here are our quick tips:

  • Always choose suits made from natural fabrics. Linen is best for keeping cool, but can crumple easily. This can be counteracted by choosing a summer suit made from a linen/cotton mix fabric.
  • The natural fabrics rule applies to shirts as well. Choose breathable cotton varieties for a far more comfortable experience.
  • An experienced tailor will be able to advise you on creating a bespoke shirt jacking with vents specially designed to increase airflow and keep you cool. 
  • Leave the tie at home and undo your top button instead.
  • Suede loafers can be one of the most comfortable ways to wear dress shoes in high temperatures. Wear them either without socks or with a pair of no-show socks.
  • Trust us when we say that lighter colours do make a difference. Beige, pale blue or pale grey are all great colours for the summer months.
  • Long sleeve shirts always look smarter than short sleeved ones. If it’s too hot, roll long sleeves up to just beneath the elbow.

Do you have a classic summer weight suit to wear over the coming months? If not, now is an excellent time to start a conversation with your tailor. Why not book an appointment with us today?