How to Choose a Flattering Hue for a Summer Suit

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A summer suit is an excellent investment, especially if you work in a profession where you’re expected to wear formal tailoring all year round. 

A summer suit is different from a winter or an all season suit because it is made out of light weight more breathable fabric. You may also find that your summer suit is cooler to wear in the heat thanks to a partial lining and cleverly cut venting.

Lightweight summer suits are traditionally sewn up in paler colours. This includes white, beige, pale greys and blues as well as other pastel colours. Which colour is right for you will depend on your own personal preferences, as well as which hues are likely to be most flattering with your colouring.

But how do you know which colours will suit you? We’ve shared a cheats guide below.

Do you have medium to dark hair with blue or green eyes and skin that tans easily?

In this case you’re likely to have warm toned colouring. You’ll look your best in bolder suit colours like aqua, royal blue or even salmon. If you’re looking for something more neutral, we recommend opting for off white or charcoal. 

Do you have dark hair with blue, green or hazel eyes and skin that blushes easily?

Cooler toned gentlemen like you look great in slightly muted colours. We suggest trying summer suits in tones such as pale blue or mauve brown. For neutral tones, choose pale grey or slate grey. 

Do you have golden blonde or red hair with green or brown eyes and skin that’s prone to freckles?

If so, your warm skin tone will look it’s best in earthy hues. A summer suit in cream, khaki or beige would likely look great on you. If you did want to opt for a colour, why not experiment with burnt orange or teal?

Do you have dark brown or black hair with blue, green, hazel or dark brown eyes?

Gentlemen with your colouring look most stylish in vivid hues with cool tones. Think about summer suits in aqua, cobalt or mint green. Neutral tones such as brilliant white and icy grey would also suit you.

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