Hiring vs buying A Wedding Suit?

Say ‘I Do’ to a bespoke suit for your Big Day

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You pulled off the proposal with aplomb; the right setting, the right ring, the right girl.   Now you need to get the gargantuan list of wedding arrangements ticked off, right? Wrong.  The reality is that your betrothed has been planning this for years, if not decades.  Her wedding dress is almost certainly selected, if not already hanging in your nearest bridal boutique with her name tagged onto it. 

Don’t be fooled, your role in this is very peripheral.  You more or less need to turn up on the wedding day and wear a suit.  You might just, however, have been given a free rein to buy your wedding suits, and the groomsmen suits too, and are now feeling an uncomfortable swell of panic as to where and when to start.  

To Hire or To Buy, that is the question

A quick online search will pull up many of the high street outfitters, and these undoubtedly offer some great hire suits at competitive prices.   But this is your big day, with every last detail considered exactingly, and your grooms suit should be no exception.  Whilst hired suits can be convenient and cost-effective, they simply don’t measure up when it comes to the quality, detail or longevity of a bespoke suit that was made only for you.

Buying a Suit

Purchasing suits is often associated with work, born out of necessity rather than inspiration or expression.  Buying a suit, particularly bespoke, for the biggest milestone of your life is quite the reverse, and it will remind you of that momentous day on every subsequent outing it has.    Hire suits cannot stand up to their bespoke brethren when it comes to cost per wear, with nostalgic value added thrown in on top.  Don’t forget that you can always go down the mix and match route when the budget really refuses to budge.   A bespoke waistcoat or shirt can go a really long way without having to raid the pennies put aside for the Moët. 

The Prenup

First find your tailor.  The rapport you will have with them over the next 3 months or so will feel almost as significant as the one you have with your actual significant other.  They will establish the timeline, the fitting dates, the price, and generally take away any pressure that you might be feeling.  All the good options, and best practices, known to tailoring will be laid before you, and you will soon be throwing about a casual ‘full floating canvas’ here and a ‘monogrammed cuff’ there with the best of Savile Row. 

The Process

A detailed initial consultation will be followed by measurements being taken, and preferences being established.  Your tailor will guide you  through choices you didn’t even know existed- and offer options you didn’t realise you were missing with your previous off the peg hire purchases.  

Slim fit to highlight all that pre-wedding CrossFit is a must.  Marvel Comic lining?  Yes please.  Moon tweed the precise shade of the bridesmaids’ dresses?  It would be remiss not to.   Monogrammed initials and dates will reverberate with romance, and won’t look half bad on the socials either. 

The Product 

Approximately 8-10 weeks after first meeting your tailor, with a fitting or two in between, you will stride out of their fitting room with a suit fit for a king.   Yes, it is more of an investment than a hire suit but, with a bit of forward planning and saving, it will pay for itself over and over again- not forgetting the invaluable reminders of your special day that you will continue to enjoy every time it gets an outing, even on a really dull day in the office.

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See this and other Customer images on our socials.