Four Ways to Shake Up Your Footwear Choices

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A large part of looking good in men’s tailoring is about keeping things classic. After all: it’s difficult to go wrong with a beautifully cut suit in a neutral fabric, a white shirt and a pair of lace up Oxfords.

However, that’s not to say that you should never try anything new. Classic is not the same thing as boring! Part of the joy of sartorial experimentation is about pushing the boundaries of style and exploring new wardrobe combinations that work for you.

One of the ways you may feel that your style has fallen into a rut is in your footwear choices. If you always reach for the same kind of shoes to wear with your bespoke tailoring, you may want to try something new. 

Below we’ve shared four ways to shake up your options without compromising on classic style. 

1. Think boot

There are no style rules to say that you have to pair ankle height shoes with your suit. Smart leather boots such as chelsea boots or desert boots can work really well with formal tailoring too. Switching a standard pair of dress shoes out for a pair of smart boots can bring a bit of an edge to your look. 

2. Think colour

If you really want your shoes to make an impact, why not choose a pair in a colour that will stand out from the crowd? Playing with the colour of your shoes but keeping the style formal is an excellent and low risk way to play with style expectations. Not sure you’re ready to throw yourself in at the colour deep end yet? Dip your proverbial toes in instead by experimenting with a pair of coloured laces. 

3. Think texture

Itching to do something a little bit different with your shoes but don’t want to draw too much attention to them? Textured leather can be a great tool here. They’ll add a special touch to your look, but it won’t be a change that’s visible from the other side of the office. 

4. Think loafer

For an even simpler change, consider just giving up the laces! There are a huge range of loafers to choose from and this can be an easy way to add a touch of laid back cool to your tailored outfit.

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