Four Ways to Make an Impact with Your Wedding Suit

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If you’re getting married this summer, now is an excellent time to start thinking about your wedding suit. Most bespoke tailors will need around two months lead time to create your outfit, so it pays to start the process in plenty of time.

When it comes to choosing the style of your suit, there are two separate schools of thought. Some grooms choose to have a very classic suit tailored with the idea that it will be versatile enough to wear for many other formal occasions, or even in the office. Alternatively, some grooms choose to work with their tailor to create a suit designed to make a big impact on their special day.

Is a show-stealing wedding suit for you?! We’ve got four great suggestions for creating a very special suit to say ‘I do’ in. 

1. Go bold on colour

Black, navy and grey suits are perfect for the office… but is that really what you’re looking for from a wedding suit? Your wedding is perhaps the ideal day to rock a suit in an eye-catching colour. Royal blues, purples, burgundies and teals can all look wonderfully stylish, as could classic white or pastels. Just make sure you aren’t going to clash with the bridesmaids!

2. Choose textured fabric

If you want your suit to be really special but don’t want it to stand out at a distance, here’s a thought for you. Textured fabric can really up the luxe factor of a suit. 

3. Opt for a customised lining

For many gentlemen, a customised suit lining is one of the very best parts of going bespoke. Whether you choose a bright colour or a fun pattern, this can take an otherwise very classic suit from office-friendly to wedding-day-appropriate. 

4. Delight in vintage styling

If you’re a vintage fashion lover, what better day than your wedding day to indulge it? Many wedding dresses are inspired by the styles of the twentieth century, so why shouldn’t grooms wear be too?! Incorporating retro details into your wedding suit is an excellent way to make it feel special and unique for your big day.

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