Five Ways a Good Tailor Can Change Your Outlook on Life

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The traditional men’s tailor has been a key part of British culture since the early 1800s. Today, visiting a tailor has become a luxury rather than a necessity. There are a wide range of ready to wear suits available on the high street at a full spectrum of price points. 

Professional gentlemen no longer need to visit a tailor in order to be properly attired for work… and yet, huge numbers still do.

Why? Because we tailors are offering more than just clothing. Find a good tailor and you may find the experience of working with them will change more than just your wardrobe. 

1. A good tailor will make you feel better in your clothes

High end menswear is certainly about how good you look in your clothes, but it’s also about how good you feel. The better you feel in your tailoring, the more confident you’ll be when you’re wearing it. Get it right and we guarantee that confidence will spill out into other areas of your life too. 

2. A good tailor will help you dress for the career you want

You know that old adage about how you should dress for the job you want, not the one you have? Well, trust us when we say there’s a lot of truth in it. A good tailor will help you look to your professional future. 

3. A good tailor will make things personal

One of the major reasons that our tailoring clients come back to us again and again is because they know we’ll make the whole tailoring experience about them. Whether you visit a tailor to for a wedding outfit, a wardrobe refresh or an interview suit: the right tailor will ensure you receive the exact personal attention you need. 

4. A good tailor will ensure your tailoring is comfortable to wear

When you’re used to wearing ready to made clothing, it’s easy to overlook small discomforts. Maybe you have wide shoulders and so clothing is always slightly tight across them. Perhaps sleeves are always a little too long or trouser legs a little too short. Whatever your individual shape, it’s likely that wearing bespoke tailoring for the first time will make you realise just how comfortable it’s possible to be! 

5. A good tailor will make you more discerning about clothing

When you’ve experienced the full made to measure tailoring service, it’s likely you’ll become more discerning about the clothing you choose to wear. Not only are you likely to find that bespoke tailoring is much better for you, you may also find a greater appreciation for the value of ethically made quality products.

Want to know more about how the tailoring process works? Take a look at this video about our bespoke service.