Five Quick Tips for Pulling Off Retro Tailoring Style

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Call it the Mad Men effect if you will, but there’s no getting around the fact that over the past couple of years there’s been a definite fashion shift towards retro styling. 

If you’re a tailoring enthusiast, you may already consider yourself a connoisseur of all things classic. Thinking about dabbling in retro tailoring style? You may like these five quick tips from us on getting it right.  

1. Have fun with it

You’ve probably seen us say before that a good fifty percent of how smart you look in any outfit is down to how good you feel in it. If you’re enjoying wearing your retro-inspired tailoring, odds are that you’re carrying it off with aplomb. 

2. Experiment with the styles of different eras

If you’re new to vintage or vintage-inspired clothing, you may benefit from spending a bit of time experimenting with the style of different eras. Sometimes you can start out admiring the style of a particular decade only to discover that you actually feel much more at home in the clothing cuts of another. 

3. Understand your body shape, and how to dress it

The great thing about embracing retro style is that you have more freedom to explore shapes and silhouettes that really work for your body shape, rather than sticking to those that are more commonplace for today. 

4. Embrace accessories

The range of men’s accessories has somewhat dwindled over recent decades. If you are taking inspiration from retro tailoring, make sure you don’t overlook such delights as braces, lapel chains, silk scarves and tie pins. 

5. Develop a good relationship with your tailor

Whether you choose to embrace genuine vintage clothing or whether you want to recreate retro looks from scratch, you’ll need the help of a good tailor. 

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