Five Quick Tips for Looking Cool in a Suit

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The humble suit can achieve a range of looks. Our bespoke tailoring inspiration ranges from traditional style icons such as Fred Astaire and the Duke of Windsor all the way to less polished figures such as James Bond, Don Draper and Luther.

Whatever look you’re trying to achieve, most stylish gentleman generally have one key thing in common. What are we talking about? They all look seriously cool in a suit.

Do you want to do the same? No problem. Below we’ve shared five quick tips for getting it right.

1. A perfect fit is vital 

Worried about looking like your dad in a suit? One surefire way to make sure you do is to step out in a suit that doesn’t fit you. Make your suit your own by working with a great tailor who will ensure the fit is perfect. 

2. Never button the bottom button

Tongue twister or style mantra? Either way, leave your bottom button alone. Looking for bonus points? Make sure you undo all your buttons whenever you sit down. 

3. Co-ordinate your accessories

No matter how gorgeous your suit, if you’ve paired it with novelty socks, a sports watch, an anorak or a beanie hat you’re unlikely to be doing it justice. 

4. If you’re wearing a tie, get it right

The end of your tie should sit at the top of your trouser waistband, no shorter, no longer. 

5. Understand that it’s all about confidence

Seriously, trust us on this one. Yes, fit, shape, style and trend are all important things to bear in mind, but true coolness comes from within. Simply put: if you truly believe you look cool, then you probably do. 

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