Ask the Tailor: What is a French Bearer?

Photo by Michael

Each month we ask our expert tailors to address one of your most frequent questions. This month we’re exploring French bearers. What is a French bearer, and why might you want to add one to your tailored trousers?

When it comes to trouser closures, it’s very much an issue of personal preference. Some gentlemen prefer button flies, some swear by zips, and some like to take things even further with a French bearer closure.

What is a French bearer?

A French bearer is a button at the closure of a pair of trousers in addition to the usual front button. It is inserted on the inside of the trousers, usually behind or to the side of the fly opening. The French bearer button will need to be fastened before the main trouser button.

Though a French bearer is by no means necessary, it does add key functionality to a pair of trousers. This extra fastening holds the front of a pair of trousers flat, which helps to keep them looking crisp and smart. 

This type of trouser closure can also be very practical. The additional French bearer button can help to take the pressure of one single button, making them more comfortable and likely to be hardwearing over time. 

Should you have a French bearer inserted?

The wonderful thing about bespoke tailoring is that you are able to choose every detail of your clothing. Small details like French bearers often get overlooked for mass produced clothes, but they can elevate a pair of trousers from perfectly fine to something special

If you would like to add comfort to your trousers while making sure they hang beautifully, a French bearer closure is likely to be a good addition. 

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