Ask the Tailor: Should Your Suit Trousers Feature a Crease?

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Each month we ask our expert tailors to address one of your most frequent questions. This month we’re talking creases, and whether you should iron one into the front of your suit trousers. 

Most formal trousers come with a sharp crease ironed down the centre. This is a traditional look that has held fast in formal circles. 

Some of our customers ask whether this crease is really needed. There’s an idea that the crease might look old-fashioned, but we don’t subscribe to this theory.

The case for creases

In fact, we are very pro-crease! It’s there for a reason, and primarily that reason is to ensure that the wearer looks sharp and sophisticated. A long vertical crease can help to draw the eye and thus elongate the leg, which can be very flattering.

It’s also well worth noting that the traditional trouser crease does have a secondary benefit. A pair of trousers that have been ironed to feature a crease fit much more naturally over a hanger and in a garment bag. This means that they tend to travel better than their non-crease counterparts. 

Are there any times when you shouldn’t iron in a crease?

An ironed in crease is a formal look. It shouldn’t be used for more informal trousers. You definitely shouldn’t iron a crease into jeans or chinos. Jeans are best kept well away from irons, and chinos should be ironed to create a flat front. 

If in doubt, consider how the trousers were presented when new. If they came with a crease ironed in we recommend that you keep it as that’s likely how the trousers will look their best. If they didn’t come with a crease, keep them flat fronted as they’ll have been designed to hang best without. 

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