Ask the Tailor: Should Your Suit Be Cut to Flatter Your Posture?

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Each month we ask our expert tailors to address one of your most frequent questions. This month we’re exploring whether your suit should be cut to suit your posture.

Good posture is important. How we stand and sit throughout the day has a big impact on the health of our bones and muscles. The more you can improve your posture, the better.

The way your suit is cut can very much affect your posture. A suit that isn’t cut to suit you will likely impact on your posture in a bad way. For some people, this may mean that they have to slouch a bit or even bunch up their shoulders in order for the suit to sit properly. If your suit makes you do this, then it’s not the right suit for you!

Rather, a good tailor will work with you to create a suit that is wonderfully comfortable to wear. We’ve even heard it said that a properly fitted suit should be as easy to wear as your pyjamas! Your suit should be cut to suit you and your posture, not the other way round. 

When you’re fitted for a suit, we always recommend that you stand in a way that feels most natural to you. Correct posture is, of course, important; but it’s also important for you to feel like yourself in your suit! 

If your suit is properly cut to flatter your posture, it will hang beautifully when you’re standing or sitting in the way that feels right to you. Talk to your tailor if your current suits don’t do this, and they’ll be able to suggest adjustments that could be made to future suits to ensure that they do.  

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