Ask the Tailor: Do I Need a Ticket Pocket?

Photo by Michael

Each month we ask our expert tailors to address one of your most frequent questions. This month we’re covering the issue of ticket pockets: do you need one?

If you’re not au fait with the proper names for suit pockets, the small usually-flapped pocket just above the main hip pocket on the right hand side of a jacket is called the ticket pocket.

Ever wondered why it’s there? This useful little pocket actually has a very interesting history. It first appeared on the jackets of horse riding gentlemen who needed to have quick access to their coins on the road when they passed toll booths. Thus, this handy pocket was created to keep coins safe and easy to access.

After the industrial revolution, train travel became more popular and a great number of professional men began commuting daily. The ticket pocket once again became popular as it proved to be a very usual pouch for storing train tickets and passes. 

Ticket pockets can often be found on suit jackets, sports jackets and overcoats. They’re by no means essential, but many tailoring aficionados love what they add to a suit.

As far as we’re concerned, the benefits are twofold:

  1. A ticket pocket will offer an ideal location for useful essentials such as travel cards, business cards or cash.
  2. A ticket pocket will lend an undeniably dapper air to a bespoke suit.

So: do you need a ticket pocket? The choice is yours. If you like your tailoring with a touch of vintage style, a ticket pocket is likely to be a great addition. If, however, you prefer your jackets to be as streamlined as possible, a ticket pocket might be a detail too many. 

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