A Guide to Overcheck Twill Tweed

Do you know your twill from your tweed? How about your twill tweed?! We’d like to introduce you to overcheck twill tweed, and why you might want to add this distinguished print to your wardrobe.

What are twill and tweed?

First things first: what’s the difference between twill and tweed? These terms are often used reasonably interchangeably, but fabric and tailoring experts know they’re actually two separate things.

Tweed is a flexible woven wool fabric. Usually the wool is dyed at least two different colours before being woven together, which produces an attractive multi tone fabric with a lot of visual depth. It’s often used in gentlemen’s tailoring, traditionally for outdoor wear or smart/casual wear.

Twill refers to a method of fabric weaving. This method of weaving consists of passing the weft threads over one and under two in order to create the appearance of diagonal lines or ribs.

So twill and tweed are two separate things… but twill tweed refers to a wool tweed fabric that is woven in the twill fashion. Got it?!

What is overcheck twill tweed?

Overcheck twill tweed is an attractive fabric that features all the hallmarks of twill tweed, plus a little extra. The tweed is woven from a base colour with one or more dyed tones of wool in the traditional diagonal twill fashion.

However, unlike standard twill tweed, overcheck twill tweed also features an overcheck design in a contrast colour. These contrasting coloured squares are woven into the twill tweed and provide a more visible pattern on top of the beautiful twill texture.

When to wear overcheck twill tweed

We think this gorgeous fabric is ideal for a range of garment types. It’s perfect for blazers and sports jackets, and adds a great dose of personality to smart/casual attire. Overcheck twill tweed is also a wonderful choice for a suit.

Would you like to talk to us about making a home for an overcheck twill tweed garment in your wardrobe? You can find out about booking a tailoring consultation with us here.