How to Show Personality with Traditional Tailoring

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High end men’s fashion in dominated by traditional tailoring. Beautiful fabrics, quality cuts and stunning design all go into every bespoke garment. 

One of the best things about made to measure tailoring is that you get to make all the decisions. Much prefer zip flies over buttons? Have very specific preferences when it comes to interior pockets? Always look for a certain type of lining? A tailor will be able to work in all these preferences and more.

Many of the choices you make when having a tailored garment made especially for you relate to how the suit fits and feels. If you’re particularly style conscious, you may also want to splash your personality across how the suit looks. 

Here are some ideas for making a statement with traditional tailoring.

Choose a pattern

There are absolutely no rules on what fabric you can have a suit made out of. There are more traditional options, sure, but don’t let them limit your choices if you’re on the hunt for something different! Patterned suiting fabric can make for a very bold look, all you’ll need is the confidence to carry it off. Retro fabrics such as tartans, checks and houndstooth designs can all look very striking.

Choose colour

Next time you invest in a bespoke suit, why not think outside of the box when it comes to colour? Black, grey and navy are the most popular choices… so why not make a splash with something different? A well made tailored suit will look sharp whatever the shade, but you’ll be guaranteed to get noticed. 

Choose a bold lining

Not sure you want to go all the way with an out-of-the-ordinary suit but still want to add a touch of something fun? A bold lining can be a great way to inject a heavy dose of personality but still keep your suit looking traditionally professional. 

Choose clever accessories

You may want to use accessories to really bring in personality rather than the suit itself. This is a great way to make a traditional suit more versatile. Items such as waistcoats, shirts, ties, cravats, pocket squares and pocket watches can completely change the look of a suit. Of course, the best thing about experimenting with accessories is that you can create a completely different style every time you wear your suit.

Choose bright footwear

Feeling playful? One of our favourite ways to add a certain something to a sensible suit is to switch up the footwear. Instead of traditional black or brown brogues, why not try pairing your suit with different shoes? Chelsea boots can look stylish, as can traditionally shaped shoes in a brighter colour.

Have we inspired you? Browse our accessories collection for more ideas or give us a call to arrange a consultation with one of our expert tailors.