Menswear Fashion Dates for 2016

Photo by the Aveda Corporation

The first few weeks of a new year always feel full of possibility. After the celebrations and excesses of the festive season, we’re refocusing on our plans for the year ahead. If you’re doing the same, here’s something you’ll definitely want to make a note off: menswear fashion dates for 2016.

The menswear fashion calendar is important because it gives us a glimpse of what’s going on in some of the biggest fashion houses in the world. The tailoring they unveil at their Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer shows has a big impact on the styles the high street go on to produce and the bespoke garments tailors like us are commissioned to create in our workrooms.

If you’re passionate about high end menswear, you won’t want to miss out on the coverage of the following events. 


Autumn/Winter 2016

London Collections Men 8th January - 11th  January

Milan Men’s Fashion Week 15th January - 19th January

Paris Men’s Fashion Week 20th January - 24th January

New York Men’s Fashion Week 1st February - 4th February


Spring/Summer 2016

London Collections Men 10th June - 13th June

Milan Men’s Fashion Week 18th June - 21st June

Paris Men’s Fashion Week 22nd June - 26th June

New York Men’s Fashion Week 11th July - 14th July


First on the calendar for 2016 is the London Collections Men event, which starts later this week. This has become a real staple of the annual menswear calendar and is a real tribute to the depth and breadth of British style. 

We think this event is particularly inspiring as it features the collections of Savile Row tailors alongside established fashion houses and exciting upcoming designers. If you’d like to know more about the LCM event, the full schedule for the week is available here

And if it inspires you to do greater things in your wardrobe?! We’re on call to offer advice. Why not consider booking a complimentary consultation with our expert tailors?