New Year Style Resolutions


2016 is almost here. As you read this post you may even be thinking about last minute preparations for your New Year’s Eve celebration tomorrow night. Whether you plan to see out the year at a big blow-out party or at an intimate dinner for two, we hope you have a great one… and, of course, that you do it in style!

With just a few short hours left of 2015, many of you will be contemplating what you’d like to do differently in the year ahead. New Year’s Resolutions can be an excellent way to set goals and make changes. 

If you’re in need of some inspiration, look no further. We’ve got some excellent suggestions for style related resolutions that will make sure your wardrobe gets attention for all the right reasons in 2016. 

Why not resolve to…

…finally find the perfect overcoat

…embrace minimalism with a classic capsule wardrobe

…take better care of your clothes

…create a killer signature look

…experiment with a more grown-up party style

…start the search for your perfect tailor

…bring more colour into your clothing choices

…upgrade your coat hangers and garment bags to increase the life of your suits

…invest in quality bespoke fashion

…learn how to use an iron properly

…banish all novelty ties

…make sure your clothing is environmentally sustainable and socially responsible 

…upgrade your office look to dress for the job you want 

…introduce a signature pocket square

…replace anything in your wardrobe that’s over ten years old

…find a hat that really suits you

…cut out daily wardrobe decisions by designing a fashionable ‘uniform’ for yourself

…upgrade your shoe collection

…experiment with patterns

…clear out unloved garments from your wardrobe

…learn how to tie the perfect bow tie

Of course, you could also make a resolution to subscribe to the Mullen & Mullen blog for weekly style advice! 

What style resolutions will you be making for 2016? Share them with us on Twitter.