How to Keep Warm and Still Look Sharp

Photo by Mia Felicita

Autumn is coming to an end which means the season of mince pies, formal occasions and dropping temperatures will soon be upon us. When it gets really cold outside it can be tempting to wrap up in whatever is cosiest with little or no regard to how it makes you look. 

This is where we come in. Consider this a sartorial public service announcement: it is possible to keep warm and still look sharp!

Not sure how?

Invest in a classic overcoat

Overcoats are the premium menswear answer to the winter style conundrum. They slip on perfectly over a suit, keep you toasty and look smart. For extra warmth make sure you choose a coat made from natural fibres such as wool. Want more advice? We’ve shared some overcoat pointers here

Try a three piece suit

Do you ever wear a waistcoat to the office? If not, here’s a tip: they act as an extra layer! A classic tailored waistcoat will go beautifully with your suit and can be a great way to add personality to your outfit. Consider them a very dapper way to keep the heat in!

Choose the right knitwear

Done right, there’s no reason why you can’t wear knitwear under your bespoke tailoring. For best results, we recommend plain knits in luxurious natural fibres. Those of you who really feel the chill may wish to opt for cashmere: it’s eight times warmer than sheep’s wool. Lightweight sweaters work best under a suit jacket: bulky jumpers will make you look bulky. And please… no Christmas jumpers!

Wear quality accessories 

Don’t forget to accessorise sensibly! Well chosen scarves, hats and gloves will make a big difference. If you struggle to choose, we’re happy to share a few pointers. Gloves should always be leather, hats should be traditional and scarves should be simple wool.

Boot up

When it gets really cold you can add some additional warmth by switching from shoes to boots. Those few extra inches will help keep you warm from the bottom up. They can also be a lot sturdier in frost or snow. Get this look right by choosing smart leather boots that sit well under your suit trousers.

What do you think? We hope we’ve given you the confidence that you can continue to look sharp despite the changing season. Winter is coming, be prepared!