Wear Your Suit… Don’t Let it Wear You

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We know better than anyone that you need to appreciate your suits (if you haven’t read this already, here’s how you should take care of them), but that doesn’t mean you should let them be in charge. Here at Mullen & Mullen, we tailor bespoke suits because we want you to wear them… not the other way round.

A premium suit is a very powerful tool. Wear it right and it’ll afford you attention, respect and the gift of classic style. Wear it wrong and, well. You could end up looking like you’re wearing your father’s clothing. 

So how can you ensure that it’s you doing the wearing and not the other way round?

Own your style by wearing tailoring that fits perfectly.

By this we mean clothing that fits your body now, not your body five years ago or after a dedicated few weeks of gym membership. When you work with an experienced tailor you’ll be presented with clothing that’s cut to your exact measurements. No guesswork, no standard sizing, no almost-right-but-not-quite. 

Show who’s boss by not bowing to passing trends.

High street fashion is innovative and that can be a lot of fun. But it can also be questionable! Classic style works because it’s tried and tested. We suggest you keep this principle in mind when it comes to your wardrobe. After all, you know what works for you. 

Turn heads for the right reasons by co-ordinating your look.

Good style happens when everything goes together. A premium tailored suit will look it’s best when paired with polished brogues and a high end tie. Not sure what we mean? Try wearing classic tailoring with your running shoes or an anorak. Most good style decisions come down to context. If you co-ordinate everything you’re wearing, from shoes to suit to overcoat, you’ll create a look that’ll put you fully in charge.

Make the right impression by standing up straight.

Our final advice on this issue is to check your posture: standing up straight is a great indicator of confidence. Why is this important? Easy. The more confident you are, the better you’ll look.