The Benefits of Investing in Bespoke Fashion

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It’s only in the last century that ready to wear menswear has become the norm. Before that, British gentlemen would all have been lucky enough to use the services of a personal tailor.

We can get behind most technological advances (don’t try and take us away from our iPhones) but off the peg tailoring is not our favourite modern phenomenon. We can’t help thinking that our great great grandfathers had it right. What can we say? Bespoke menswear is very hard to beat.

Need a little convincing? Here’s why we think bespoke fashion is worth the investment:

Bespoke fashion will last

Quality tailoring may be more of an investment, but buying ready to wear suits can represent a false economy. The off the peg varieties aren’t built to last in the same way and often offer far less opportunity for alternations. 

You’ll always get a perfect fit

Speaking of alterations, if you choose bespoke you’ll always get an outfit that fits. Ready to wear tailoring comes in standard sizes, but we humans are rarely standard! A good tailor will ensure that your suit is comfortable to wear and flatters your shape.

You can choose your style, not what’s ‘in’ this season

When you invest in bespoke fashion you get to be the designer. You can go for whatever style of suit you like without having to choose from what’s currently in vogue. 

Your tailoring will always be one of a kind

How do you like the sound of owning a suit that’s totally unique? When you invest in made to measure tailoring you’ll be rewarded with a suit that’s all your own. 

You’ll never have to choose between your favourite features

Have you ever struggled to choose between two items of menswear because one had the type of pockets you like while the other had the right sort of cuff? Opt for bespoke fashion and you won’t have to make these decisions. You’ll be able to commission a piece of clothing that has all your ideal features with no compromises. 

Want to find out more about the tailoring process? Watch our video for an insight into how we work.