Choosing the Perfect Hat for Your Perfect Suit

The drier summer months are coming to a close here in England. Overcast skies and prolonged rain showers are becoming common sights once again. But what does this mean for you, as a well-dressed gentleman? It means that it’s time to choose a hat that will complement your bespoke suit. A hat can help protect you from the elements and enhance the appearance of your suit. However, you need to choose your headgear with care. What exactly are your options?

You could choose to top off your bespoke suit with a trilby. Trilbies are justifiably popular among fashion-forward gentlemen. Their brims are relatively small and are shaped to give them a jaunty appearance, so these hats look thoroughly up-to-date. They work best with suits that have a slim fit or which use light, modern colours. However, they can be worn with any type of suit. You can use a trilby to enhance a sharp suit’s sense of modernity.

However, if you hanker for something a little more suave and imposing, you could opt for a fedora. Fedoras have wider, flatter brims than trilbies, which gives them a stronger, more serious aesthetic. They’re also more traditional than trilbies, which makes them ideal for gentlemen who wish to give their outfits a distinctive vintage flavour. If you own a suit with a more conservative cut or wish to lend your ensemble an arresting and formidable air, we recommend adding a fedora. They complement double-breasted suits particularly well, as these garments already project a sense of power, which the hat can underscore.

Of course, neither trilbies nor fedoras possess quite the same old-fashioned charm as bowler hats. If you want to pair your hat with a truly genteel hat, a bowler is your best option. The appeal of these hats lies in their idiosyncratic, anachronistic appearance. We advice that you pair a bowler hat with your suit if you wish to cultivate a disarming, gentlemanly look.

In the world of men’s fashion, a good bespoke suit can serve as a base for various accessories. Your hat is arguably the most important of these accessories, so make sure you choose your headgear carefully!