Is It Acceptable to Pair a Suit With a T-Shirt or Jumper?

Conventional wisdom states that a suit should always be worn with a shirt. However, the modern gentleman may sometimes wonder if it’s acceptable to pair a blazer and suit trousers with a jumper or even a T-shirt. We consider ourselves very fashion-forward here at Mullen and Mullen and we believe that these ensembles (though unconventional) are perfectly legitimate. However, it is important to understand what kind of aesthetic these combinations will create before you decide to wear them.

Firstly, let us consider the effect of wearing a jumper with a suit. Jumpers are warm, comfortable articles of clothing: we associate them with cosiness and contentment. As such, pairing a jumper with a suit can give the outfit a casual, easy-going feel. This type of ensemble is ideally suited to the gentleman who wishes to appear both approachable and self-assured.

If you do choose to wear this combination, it’s important not to compromise on the quality of either the suit or the jumper. The casualness of the outfit could be mistake for carelessness unless you ensure that each individual garment is of impeccable quality. You should select a good make of jumper and take advantage of bespoke tailoring to ensure that the suit fits perfectly and completely suits you.

Donning a T-shirt with your suit has a very different effect to pairing that suit with a jumper. T-shirts are generally viewed as bolder, more youthful garments. As such, a suit-and-T-shirt ensemble has an energetic, rebellious aesthetic. A gentleman who wishes to project an air of power and exuberance may be attracted to this combination.

If you decide to pair a suit with a T-shirt, we strongly recommend using a plain grey suit. T-shirt’s are visually loud, almost boisterous garments. As such, choosing a more muted suit will prevent your outfit from appearing garish or over-the-top. What’s more, it will allow your T-shirt to assume its natural role as the heart of the ensemble. We also suggest adding a pair of sunglasses to the outfit to accentuate its cool and rebellious style.

The modern gentleman shouldn’t feel confined to shirts when deciding what to wear with his suit. Men’s fashion is constantly evolving. As such, it is perfectly viable to wear a T-shirt or jumper with your suit nowadays. Just be certain that you know what ‘look’ you wish to achieve before choosing one these garments!