Your Guide to the Pinstripe Suit

The pinstripe suit is a timeless staple of the true gentleman’s wardrobe; it’s powerful, slimming and dignified. However, it’s not always easy to pull off a pinstripe suit. Doing so requires a certain degree of style and aplomb. Luckily, we at Mullen and Mullen are experts in style and aplomb, and have composed a simple guide for wearing a pinstripe suit.

First of all, it’s important to realise that a pinstripe suit can be rather imposing. This can be an asset when you’re aiming to impress someone in a high-pressure environment such as a business meeting or presentation. As such, it’s worth accentuating this ‘imposing’ attribute with an austere white shirt and black tie when you wear your suit in professional context. However, a suit that’s too imposing can look out of place in a more casual setting. If you’re going out on the town or enjoying a little ‘me time’, you should downplay your pinstripe suit’s more intimidating qualities by pairing it with colourful shirts and patterned ties.

Secondly, you must understand that accessories can have a dramatic effect on a pinstripe suit. The pinstripe pattern is very powerful and striking, so you want someone viewing your outfit to focus on it. One or two slightly flamboyant accessories (such as the patterned tie we mentioned in the previous paragraph) won’t harm your suit’s appearance. However, too many visually noisy accessories can undermine the desired effect of the suit. When it doubt, it’s best to opt for plain, understated accessories. For example, you could choose to pair the suit with a plain black or white pocket square and an unadorned, stainless-steel watch. These will help to subtly bolster the suit’s visual impact rather than distract from it.

Finally, the suit itself should have a muted colour scheme; try to avoid jet-black or bright-white pinstripe suits. Instead, try to favour subtle greys or blues. The pinstripe pattern is eye-catching enough without a brash colour scheme.

In the world of men’s fashion, the pinstripe suit is truly immortal. Bespoke tailoring can create a pinstripe suit that will fit you perfectly, but it's your duty and privilege to wear it well. We hope that the guide we have provided here will help you do so.