New Suit, New You

For a lot of men, a suit is just a suit. A suit to them is a requisite uniform to get them through work, or formal wear occasions. However, for those who take their suits more seriously, or for anyone looking to upgrade their suit 'uniform', bespoke tailoring can dramatically increase confidence and even productivity. A study of men’s fashion conducted earlier this year at California State University revealed that proper suit wearing increases a man’s authority, success and ability to process information. However, much of this relies on how you feel in your suit, and bespoke tailoring can ensure that you feel both comfortable and confident in your outfit. Here are some basic tips to follow for choosing the best suit for you:

Getting the right suit

You should learn to understand what a well-fitting suit feels like and looks like when you try it on. It's essential you have your suit tailored to ensure you look and feel your best. The most difficult part of a suit to alter is the shoulders – these are the most important part to get right when choosing a suit. Furthermore, as a general guide older gentlemen should choose classic cuts, while younger gentlemen can try shorter, trendier cuts. Generally, those with grey hair generally suit blue suits the best.

Moreover, when building your suit wardrobe, it's sensible to get your suit basics first: black, charcoal-grey and navy. After that, feel free to experiment! Your grey suit will be the suit that's most appropriate for all occasions, so you might want to have two or more.

Keep in mind that two button jackets are classic. However, never go for jackets with more than three buttons.

Styling your suit

When wearing your suit, keep your jacket buttoned, it'll make you appear slimmer and flatter the design of the suit, but always leave the bottom button of your waistcoat undone.

You should make sure your jacket stops at your wrist bone – any further and it will look too big. However, with bespoke tailoring you can be sure this will not happen. Another tip is that larger men should avoid double-breasted suits, as they can make you look more bulky.

The best way to ensure you get the right suit for you is by having it tailor-made to your specifications - your tailor should also be able to keep you in line in terms of these fashion tips. So, what are you waiting for? Suit yourself more confident.