How to Be an Unconventional Groom With a Bespoke Suit

Contrary to popular opinion, a wedding is not all about the bride. Grooms, this also your day to shine and the best excuse you’ll ever have to invest in some bespoke tailoring. But wedding suits are no longer just about the classic black or grey options - for the modern, unconventional groom there’s a good deal more choices than you may have considered. So where do you start?

If you’re feeling particularly bold, try a coloured or contrasting suit. Fitted powder blue trousers look fresh and preppy when matched with a cream jacket, or if you’re into the rustic look, layer a tweed waistcoat with a chequered shirt and woollen tie. Alternatively, for a refreshing twist on a sharp black suit, consider a deep burgundy, which is especially suitable for autumn or winter weddings.

You can play with colour in a more subtle fashion by adding a simple pocket square, all the better if it’s cut from the same fabric as your shirt. Another way to add a pop of personality is to get your hands on some funky cufflinks – think silver aces over pink Lego squares.

For the groom who really can’t bear to suit up, all is not lost. If you’re planning a bohemian summer wedding, look no further than a crisp, white shirt. Leave the collar open without a tie for a carefree feel, or add a cravat for something a little more suave. The word 'cravat' may suddenly conjure up images of more formal and antiquated times but keep it tucked under the shirt for a modern feel.

The options really are limitless and yet there’s one thing that all these looks, and many more, have in common; bespoke tailoring is the only way to go. There’s nothing like the look and feel of a premium, perfectly fitted suit and it guarantees that any style choices you make will look tip-top, allowing you to sit back and enjoy one of the most memorable days of your life.

A final word of warning though, it's always advisable to discuss your wedding suit plans with your bride before the big day!