Express Your Individuality Through a Classic Bespoke Suit

Surreal artist René Magritte may have famously used the image of the man in suit as a quick way to depict conformity, but in an era where jeans and a T-shirt have found acceptance in our workday wardrobes, bespoke men's tailoring can do wonders when it comes to expressing individuality and personality through style.

From celebrity sightings and family weddings, to busy conferences and exclusive bars, premium men's fashion is witness to a dynamic conversation that sees classic cuts fight it out with modern colours and fabrics, bringing invaluable streaks of rebellion and unique identity to timeless tailoring. On the catwalks, we're seeing traditional styles off-cut by vibrant detailing; that slightly shorter leg to complement the iconic "Urban Creative" style, or flash of contrasting lining – a clear indication that there's more to the wearer than initially meets the eye. A contemporary suit no longer sits in awkward opposition to your signature hair style or obvious tattoo; rather, bespoke tailoring has paved the way for statement styles that communicate artistry and spirit, imagination and force.

Today, more than ever before, fashionable expression is spending time in the company of traditional style – and the result is well worth your attention. The man who once nervously whispered "I have to wear a suit", clumsily expressing his reluctance through an ironic seasonal tie, is now looking beyond limiting made to measure styles on the high street, and is experiencing cuts that complement his alternative aesthetic. When that important event finally comes around, his suit doesn't silence him. Rather, it is the intuitive, customised tool that will allow his identity to show.

As workplace dress codes relax, the ability to recall the detailing and impact of classic office suit wear has given quality tailoring a new power. This power comes from the modern ability to be playful in expressing your style. Show clients that you are capable of taking risks by successfully incorporating a bolder colour into your look. Gone is that archaic image of suit as uniform. The modern man employs bespoke tailoring to enhance what makes him unique.