What to Wear on a First Date - from Your Attire to Your Attitude


The art of dressing for a successful first date begins with one simple rule: if you're going out on a date with a woman, dress like a man. It's surprising how many men have turned up to a first date looking as though they're attending a barbecue with their friends from the local football club. The focus here is how to present yourself to the woman who may very well be your life partner.

If going on a casual date, especially an outdoors one, allow for a relaxed but not sloppy outfit. Dark tailored jeans can be paired with a short-sleeved collared shirt or a dress shirt and sports jacket. Tuck your shirt in and avoid running shoes unless you're going for a first date jogging excursion. Let's face it, this is very unlikely.

Dinner dates and other evening events usually require a jacket. Jackets come in all sorts of cuts and materials, so it really depends on what you're going to be doing on your date. Luckily, we stock a quality, diverse range of jackets, so we've got all your needs covered. Wear your bespoke tailoring with a clean-pressed shirt and tie, and don’t forget a perfectly crafted pair of brogues to finish off the look.

Hair should be well groomed and clean, avoiding any radical changes to your style on the day. Aftershave should be worn conservatively, bearing in mind that it should be attractive rather than repellent and your date must be able to breathe with ease when in a room with you. Clean fingernails and trimmed nose hairs are essential, as is a clean car, both inside and out.

When it comes to menswear, York tailors Mullen & Mullen are experts. Whether it's a bespoke office suit, a wedding outfit, or helping you dress to impress on that first date, our company is famous for its tailoring, adhering to time-honoured classics with a contemporary twist.