Be Summer Suit Smart!

Sticky hot suits can be the bane of your summer, preventing you from enjoying the rare occasion of sun that Great Britain gets! From restrictive, heavy synthetic fabrics to tight, pencil inspired trousers, a suit might be the last thing you want to wear when the weather heats up. However, we have the answer to office suits that sizzle, helping you stay cool and stylish whilst still maintaining a professional appearance.

An easy way to adapt a bespoke office suit for a sweltering environment is to switch a polyester blend shirt for something with more 'breathability'. Open weave materials like cotton and linen help to give a cooling effect - allowing the air to circulate around the body whilst also being lightweight and comfortable. The more open the weave, the more patterned your fabric should be, preventing it from becoming see through. A simple stripe or a traditional check creates a sophisticated unexpected twist on men’s fashion for the office.

Be careful with linings and layering; keeping your suit simple with a half lining while restricting your layers to just a shirt underneath effectively eliminates overheating. A waistcoat or thin knit can dress up tailoring for conferences or meetings and can be easily removed amidst rising temperatures. Natural lining materials found in many bespoke suits can reduce that restrictive feeling you can get with ready to wear pieces.

Protect yourself from the sun with a panama hat, still exuding elegance and refinement whether in or out of the office. A wide hat band in navy or black will work with almost any suit, covering up a bad hair day whilst also sheltering you from hot temperatures. Being the epitome of gentlemanly style, a panama hat is the ideal accessory to take your look up a notch this summer. Dark aviator shades are the ideal addition to protect against UV rays; brushed metal frames and a sepia lens match perfectly with a grey single breasted suit, with tortoise shell wayfarers looking best on those young trendy types!

From top to toe, there are ways of adapting your current suit when a sudden heatwave arrives. Replacing little things like polyester for cotton or a full lining for a half lining could change the way you wear your suit during the hotter months - you'll soon be confidently working in the office, instead of sweltering next to the desk fan!