The Hidden Meaning of Your Suit's Pattern

Every gentleman knows that the type of suit they wear speaks volumes about them. We discussed in an earlier blog what a suit's material says about the wearer, but even the pattern featured on a suit can reflect upon your personality. So what does the pattern of your suit say about you? There are three common patterns to consider: pinstripe, plaid and plain.

Naturally, we shall start with the simplest option. What does a plain suit say about you? Suits that use plain, block colours with a minimum of patterning are very modern and have a clean, minimalist appearance. Unsurprisingly, gentlemen who favour plain suits tend to have a forward-thinking outlook and a willingness to meet the modern world head-on: they are daring, dynamic and ‘on-the-ball’. If you favour plain suits, you are probably an individual of exceptional energy and vision.

In contrast, pinstripe suits are somewhat more conservative; they have long-standing association with high-flying business tycoons and gentlemen of influence. As such, a good pinstripe suit hints at its wearer’s power and unshakable self-assurance. If you regularly don one of these confidence-boosting garments, you are almost certainly a man who’s in charge of his own destiny and who relishes the feeling of power and independence.

Finally, plaid suits are quintessentially and charmingly old-fashioned. They have an undeniable retro allure; wearing one makes a bold statement about your vintage sensibilities and sense of style. Those who wear plaid suits dress to please themselves before anyone else. By doing so, they end up looking amazing. If you tend to wear plaid suits, you are likely to be idiosyncratic, free-spirited and unconcerned with convention.

Plain, plaid and pinstripe suits dominate the world of men’s fashion. Bespoke tailoring can create any pattern the wearer desires, but these three designs are eternal touchstones for suit lovers. They have the power to express their wearer’s personality clearly and simply, while remaining indisputably stylish.

Do you favour the modern sensibilities of a plain suit, the free-thinking panache of a plaid suit or the unbreakable confidence of a pinstripe suit? Whatever pattern you prefer, that pattern advertises your character to the world in general. So choose your suits wisely. They say more about you than you might think!