A Guide to Summer Suits

There is nothing like the feel and hang of a tailored wool suit, but in the height of summer you need to leave the heavy Cashmere blends in the wardrobe; unless you want to look like you’ve just walked out of a sauna! Too many men suffer on in silence, however, as they just don’t know there are a world of options when it comes to lightweight summer suits.

Summer suits don’t just have to mean a shapeless and creased khaki linen number; with the help of bespoke men’s tailoring, you can look sharp all year round without sacrificing comfort.

Linen is still the stalwart of the summer suit market. Made from the fibrous flax plant, linen’s visible weave gives a truly unique look and an elegant texture. If you wear it well then linen can be a real style statement, but it does crease easily.

That’s why linen blends are becoming increasingly popular in the summer months, especially for office wear. When mixed with wool or cotton, the suit tends not to crease so easily and maintains a more structured look. While traditional linen suits are lighter, dark colours can really subvert the traditional summer look for a more formal finish.

Cotton is another breathable fabric that gets an airing in the summer months, and some people prefer it for formal office wear. It tends to look best using lighter colours, which means you can be a little braver with your cotton summer suit and the jacket can double as a stylish blazer to be worn with jeans or chinos.

Fresco wool is another option, and it’s a totally different story to the heavier wool blends. The open weave of this material gives a breathable but durable finish. It tends to wick away sweat, too, rather than simply absorbing it.

You can also opt for chambray, which is a close relative to denim. This slightly glossy fabric provides a stylish alternative to linen and has been adopted by the major fashion houses for recent summer collections.

There are a huge number of options when it comes to looking sharp this summer, so get yourself a finely tailored summer suit and put the heavy winter options back in the wardrobe.

Photo credit: Berkeley Square (license)