A Guide to the Modern Suit

Every gentleman should own at least one truly modern suit. After all, there are some situations where only a cutting-edge look will do. Whether you’re attending an important meeting or roguishly crashing a party, a sharp, fashion-forward outfit can help you make a splash. But what features make a suit modern?

Perhaps the most important factor is the fit. Suits with a slim fit are generally considered very modern and chic. They are designed to simultaneously flaunt and flatter the wearer’s figure, thereby creating a sleek, dynamic profile. If you want a suit that gives you a magnetic presence and informs the world of your forward-thinking outlook, it simply has to have a slim fit.

Lapels also play a major role in lending a suit an air of modernity. Whereas wider lapels give a suit a more traditional aspect, narrow lapels look far more contemporary and daring. Because of their minimalist style, narrow lapels imbue a suit with a sense of refinement and cutting-edge elegance. They also have a slimming effect on the wearer’s appearance, which means that naturally skinnier gentlemen can combine them with a slim fit to create an exquisitely sharp look.

Finally, to be considered truly modern, a suit should feature double vents in its back. This gives the suit more flexibility and therefore gives the wearer more freedom of movement. It ensures that the garment continues to look dynamic when the wearer is moving, not just when they’re standing still. If you want a suit that looks great when you’re on the go, it’s imperative that it features double vents.

The most modern suits available combine all three of the features that we’ve discussed in this blog entry. However, if you feel that a particular feature isn’t for you, it is still possible to forgo that feature and create a modern-looking suit using the other two. After all, the greatest advantage of bespoke tailoring is the ability to create a suit that meets your needs with precision. If you feel that you don’t quite have the figure for a suit with a slim fit, or if you’re not a fan of narrow lapels, you needn’t include that feature in your bespoke suit. Provided the finished garment possesses a couple of attributes that mark it out as modern, it will still have the desired look.

Traditionally-cut suits still have their place in the modern gentleman’s wardrobe. However, you should never be without a chic, up-to-date suit option: you never know when you might need it!