What Colour Pocket Square Is Best?

Pocket squares should be a staple of any gentleman's wardrobe, but carrying one off requires style and panache.

Selecting the right pocket square can make or break an outfit and picking the correct colour to match an outfit is crucial if it is to work properly.

Ideally, the pocket square should complement the colour of the tie, rather than match it completely. If a pocket square exactly the same colour of the tie is worn, the overall look may clash somewhat.

There are many other reasons to avoid matching a tie with a pocket square. It will draw undue attention to the outfit rather than its wearer, and it may also suggest the two items were purchased as part of a gift set, which is not the right look and lacks sophistication.

Instead, aim to use complementary colours for the tie and the pocket square. For instance, if the chosen tie is blue and yellow, a pocket square in either one of those colours will work well. A gentleman may also choose to ignore the colour of his tie entirely and instead seek to complement the colour or pattern of his shirt with his selection of pocket square.

Socks can be used to match a pocket square. The only real rule to keep in mind when picking out an outfit is not to match the tie with the pocket square. Otherwise, if it looks good and feels right, it should work well.

A white pocket square is a safe choice; this is the colour that should be selected for any particularly formal events that are being attended. However, for less formal dates, white pocket squares can be a little stuffy and a splash of colour can really liven up a suit's look.

For the advanced pocket square wearer, thinking outside the box can result in a very memorable outfit if the right choices are made. For example, a blue and red tie could be teamed with a purple pocket square for a classy look. Red and blue make purple after all, and this is a unique look that works particularly well. After all, it pays to stand out in the world of men's fashion!