A Gentlemen's Guide to Being the Best Man

Wedding season is indeed upon us, and as a popular and distinguished gent, you will no doubt be called upon to fill the highly important position of best man. Of course, no one wants to upstage the bride or the well-dressed groom, but being a vital part of the wedding party, the best man needs to be perfectly polished, and dressed with the utmost elegance, befitting of his position as the groom's right-hand man.

The best man's duties are plentiful and essential, and even the most confident gents can feel the pressure. Here at Mullen and Mullen, we can take some of the strain with our bespoke men's tailoring service, fitting you with the perfect suit and giving you the confidence to support and assist on that perfect day.

We can help you find the right balance when styling your look for your best man duties. You want to be understated yet smart; dapper and suave yet fitting to the occasion. We can develop with you the finishing touches that will place you firmly as a confident and capable best man. We will help you choose the correct cloth and the most immaculate fit, perhaps complementing the bridesmaid dresses or flowers with the lining of your suit, or even a waistcoat. We'll make sure that you harmonise perfectly with the groom and his bride. Remember, a true gentleman will always ask the bride for her approval on his suit and shoes.

When the big day finally rolls round, be confident in yourself in your tailored suit. Assist the groom in any way that you can on the day. Get yourself wedding ready - polished shoes, pressed shirt, perfect corsage - and then help the groom prepare. Brush his suit, knot his tie, be his rock. Make sure that you get him to the venue in good time, and calm any nerves discreetly and gently. You will look the part, elegant and neat with the confidence and dependance to keep the day running smoothly, and of course, you'll top everything off with a fabulous, and funny, best man's speech.