Confidence: How to Put It On

We all want to step out of the door with style. Whether it’s a big meeting or the big day, loading on the confidence always helps. Read on as we tackle the suit, the stance and the smell, to get you on your way filled with self-belief and a touch of James Bond suaveness.

The suit

Bespoke tailoring - the personal fitting service, the outstanding fabrics, the clean lines - always makes the handshake a bit firmer. An expert tailor is skilled in bringing out your best look and helping you find your perfect style to slay those confidence gremlins.

At Mullen & Mullen, we know the value of a personal client consultation and offer bespoke visiting tailor services in London and New York, as well as at home in Yorkshire. No more looking in the mirror trying to work out if an ‘off the peg’ suit is fitting quite right. It’s not surprising that clients who’ve made the switch to bespoke tailoring with us can’t imagine going back.

We’re not just about outstanding products, but an outstanding process, to instil confidence inside and out.

Confidence in your suit. Confidence in your style.

The stance

Great posture is a must. It immediately gives the impression you’ve shed a few pounds and it has been proven that body language can signal power and assurance. You’re aiming for relaxed but strong. Shoulders back, chin up and smile. Check your working environment isn’t fostering bad habits with a badly positioned screen or poorly positioned chair too.

New research even shows that short bursts of “power posing” can affect brain chemicals and give you that much needed confidence boost to improve performance in high-pressure situations. If you want to know more, check out this TED talk or read our blog post.

The smell

Finally, excellent grooming goes a long way in building confidence. A go-to scent like our GFT Cologne is the perfect way to complete a confidence boost. Keep it light and fresh and you’ll feel the benefit.

Confidence: can you put it on?

At Mullen & Mullen, we think you can and we’re on hand to help you. Book a free, no obligation appointment with us to talk through how we can help you step out in style.