How Should a Gentleman Dress for Ladies' Day?

The focus may be all on the girls when it comes to Ladies' Day, but when it comes to the races, men need to consider their attire with just as much care.

The races are fun and stylish events, and usually come with a dress code. For Royal Ascot, for example, if you’ve been invited to the Royal Enclosure, a top hat and tails are required. In the less exclusive but equally lively Grandstand Enclosure, gentlemen must wear a suit and a tie. Everyone dresses beautifully and this is the perfect time to have a bespoke suit made to your exact measurements so you look your best, and are comfortable at the same time.

Pinstripes should be avoided on race day - they are great in the boardroom, but not the thing to be seen in when sipping champagne track-side. As it’s summer, a pale shade of grey or blue is a look to go for, but a linen suit is too casual for Ladies' Day, so choose a more suitable fabric. When it comes to the trousers, go for something that's on-trend in the world of men’s fashion so you look current.

A single breasted jacket makes you look more at ease and less stuffy. As the day is all about having a good time, consider a flamboyant lining that offers onlookers a cheeky glimpse of your fun side. Select a tie and pocket square with a flourish of colour to set you apart from the crowd, and cufflinks are a must for that added layer of detail. You could also consider brightly coloured socks that can be spotted when you are seated. The key here though, is not to add all of these splashes of colour; choose your accessories well but remember that usually less is more.

As the weather can be unpredictable, take a smart umbrella that doesn't spoil the overall effect of your outfit. If it does rain, or has rained recently, the grassy areas at a racetrack can become a bit muddy, so select footwear that is not only comfortable and stylish, but that can take you over a little bit of boggy terrain.