How to Wear Brogues: The 5 Rules

The brogue, which was originally designed as an Irish working shoe, has evolved over the years into a versatile style of footwear which can complement all manner of casual, business and formal attire. This is due to the fact that brogues can be designed with a variation of toe caps, heel caps, lace panels and decorative 'broguing' perforations. 

However, due to this vast array of choice, it can often be difficult to decide which brogues to wear to different social and formal events.

Consequently, listed below are our top five tips on how to wear brogues whatever the occasion:

1 - When matching brogues with a suit for a formal occasion it is recommended that you wear quarter brogues. These particular types of brogues have a cap toe with decorative 'broguing' perforations and serrations along the cap's edge. These subtle yet stylish embellishments will accentuate the formality of your attire without the distraction of any elaborate decorative additions.

2 - When pairing brogues with a business suit you should choose single toned leather brogues rather than suede, scotch grain or other more informal leathers. A smooth, single toned leather will make the broguing shine and accentuate the sophisticated cut of your suit.

3 - Full brogues are the ideal footwear for complementing casual attire such as tweed and country fabrics. These full brogues or 'wingtips' are finished with a pointed toe cap and extension wings that run long both sides of the toe thus creating the classic 'W' shape.

4 - If you are attending a formal event you should avoid garish coloured brogues and instead opt for classic colours such as brown and black or even navy and dark green. Alternatively if you are pairing your brogues with casual attire then you can choose from a broad range of colours and materials.

5 - Although brogues are suitable for a broad spectrum of different casual and formal occasions, you should refrain from wearing them to black tie events. The only exception are black ghillie brogues which can be paired with formal Scottish dress for weddings and other traditional occasions.

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