Before You Travel Follow This Advice to Keep Your Tailoring Fresh

I spend a lot of time travelling by train, and so do many of my customers. Whilst my commute is mainly limited to the rails, I know many of you also have to contend with lots of flights, and all other forms of transport, none of which are especially good for one’s suits!

Particularly difficult are those trips involving a shirt flight and preferably no luggage for the hold. What are you supposed to do with your suit?! The simple answer is wear it, but choosing the right cloth from the start helps.

Many of our cloths are designed with heavy wear in mind. Not only does this mean that they tend not to crease when being worn or stowed on a flight, but that their overall lifespan is greatly improved.

For example, Holland and Sherry’s Intercity bunch is a brilliant example of a hardwearing cloth.

The Intercity suiting collection has been designed specifically for the business environment, combining handmade quality with hardwearing practicality. This is a classic suiting line, traditionally British and heavyweight The cloth is woven in a stable 2/2 twill, from a 60/2 nm yarn in both warp and weft direction, giving the cloth body and fullness. These qualities offer durability and good drape, which are perfect for tailoring.

The Intercity collection offers a comprehensive range of stripes in classic navies and greys. The addition of contemporary colours, such as aubergine with a purple stripe, ensures broad appeal. The collection is completed by other woven designs including glen checks, sharkskins, birdseyes and herringbones.

I’m not sure it’s a strictly technical term, but this cloth offers great “bounce-back-ability” and a night on a hanger will return it to a fresh, crease-free star of affairs, one less thing for you to worry about on your trip!

These cloths are available at £850 for a two piece and offer superb value. Book an appointment now!