Introducing Sanders Shoes

Browse our new range of made in England shoes - the perfect match for your Mullen & Mullen tailoring.

Having had numerous conversations about numerous topics with chaps in the store, owning a good pair of shoes is one topic people really enjoy waxing lyrical about. Everyone has their favourites but the usual names always crop up especially when talking about English shoe brands. Loake, Cheaney, Trickers, Grenson creators of some truly excellent footwear and rightfully renowned because of this but when I mention Sanders the usual response would be that they have not heard of them.

Sanders have been making footwear in Rushden, Northamptonshire for coming up to 150 years and on the same street, Spencer Road for over a hundred. Now owned by a 4th generation of Sanders they have survived the complete loss of their factory to a fire to continually produce thousands of shoes and boots a week and during the wars that number was up to 6000!

Sanders have a great tie to the military, police and security forces around the world, known for making the best boots to handle the rigours of being in any of those professions. They also make some truly beautiful classic shoes with stunning full Oxford brogues, penny loafers, wholecuts and some more modern fun casual footwear with the same values of quality, materials, design and craftsmanship.

My personal favourite are the full Oxford brogue London in black calf leather, a shoe you can never go wrong with. Feel free to browse our selection of Sanders shoes on the website but also to pop in to store try a pair on and understand the quality yourself.