To Beard or Not to Beard: Should That Even Be a Question?

Lately it seems that everyone is wearing a beard. From stubble and goatee's through to full viking behemoths, they're the 'it' thing right now. But don't let this put you off. The amount of beards out there do not detract from the power of YOUR beard. A well-kept beard gives you presence, earns respect, is a talking point, and can get your foot in many doors. It would not be exaggerating to say that a good beard can make a great first impression, clinch a deal, or even introduce you to your life partner.

The public perception of beards is always a controversial one, but if the recent beard boom has done anything for face fuzz, it's made it more inviting and opened peoples minds. It's generally accepted that a well groomed beard makes you look more important. It gives a rugged appeal, lends the mind towards perceived intelligence, power and warmth. But, whichever way the psychological scale may fall this month, or for a certain demographic, the underlying factor of your beard is you, both figuratively and literally. If you are warm and inviting, if you sport a decent smile, your beard will become an extension of this.

What type of face fuzz should you grow? Different types of facial hair are suited to different shaped faces:

  • If you have a round or square face, you should keep the sides short, avoid bushy sideburns, and shave the cheeks to accentuate the bones. This all adds up to giving a more elongated and chiseled look. Goatee's are also an option to consider.
  • If your face is already fairly elongated, steer clear of goatee's. Instead, go for the bushy sideburns and trim the chin area, to shorten the features.
  • Large faces suit larger facial hair, whereas smaller faces suit smaller growths, so as to avoid engulfing the face.

Beards and suits go great together. With a beard, you can get away with far more radical styles than you generally would. For instance, tweed and leather go great with a full beard... as long as you avoid the full on farmer look.

Ties are often an issue for the beardsman. You need something a little extra to avoid your tie being upstaged by your mighty face fuzz. If you have a truly majestic beard, consider going tie-less. Depending on your style, the beard can even open the door for the bowtie!

The beard can open up many possibilities, but above all the most important thing is to keep your beard well groomed, so you stand out from the crowd.