The Briefcase: A British Essential

The City of London is renowned for its suited business people, with a great tailored suit being almost a given nowadays. But what about the actual business?

Even with the rise of smartphones and “phablets” which allow you to do most of your business on the move without the need for a computer, sometimes though they just do not give you the freedom of having a computer. Also the possibility of living in a paperless world with the advent of email which was much championed at the start of the digital revolution certainly hasn’t happened. This means the need for a briefcase to keep important papers safe and your choice of computer is still certainly there.

The briefcase is such an unused chance to show a little flair and appreciation for fine craftsmanship with most people choosing function over form. This is fine as a briefcase is used for a specific need but you certainly do not need to choose one over the other. Having a well made briefcase much like larger luggage items like weekenders, holdalls, etc. is an investment which should last as long as you need them for.

And Britain is the place to look to for great leather briefcases. Much like shoes in Northhampton we have some great manufacturers of high quality briefcases and luggage in Britain. One that stands out to us is Tusting. They are a family company run akin to us here at Mullen & Mullen. Run by the Tusting brothers and with great family ties throughout the business they produce not only perfectly functional but also incredibly stylish briefcases and luggage and we are very proud to have become a stockist of these great items. Why not pop in to store or browse online to have a look at their range?