What Suit to Wear in the Summer Heat

Like a blob of butter slowly melting in the frying pan, Summer is coming.

The Central Line will be your sauna, the Serpentine your swimming pool, and the frozen aisle your oasis.

Already I've found myself caught off-guard in London. Traveling from our humble green Yorkshire land to London felt like David Attenborough's trip across Africa. I had to make sure to cool down for a few moments in the lobby before heading up to an office appointment.

It's time to bring out the Summer suits, or to order one before it's too late. This means 8-10oz cloths: wool, mohair or linen blends. Breathable fabrics that welcome cool air and kiss goodbye hot air. Heavy cloths hang better on you because they keep their form. They're closer to your body. They mould over your shape. In the Summer this is akin to having a bear hug you all day long. No matter how many G&T's you swallow you'll still be hot. Don't worry about lighter weight materials being less "tailored", "fitted", or "cut" - we still use your same measurements, they just flow a bit more in the wind. Think of how a silk scarf feels rather than a knitted scarf.

There are other things you can do to keep cool too. Think back to chemistry class. Why does black snow melt faster than white snow? It's because black absorbs light and increases in temperature. Choose light coloured cloths such as a lighter grey or blue and let the sun reflect away from you.

We can also reduce the lining in your suit on the back. Keep the lining as per usual in the front inside panels but only have a strip across the top at the back letting the rest in the middle go without. Heat can escape from your back preventing your cotton shirt getting sweaty.

Ask us for more advice during the appointment and we'll be happy to help.