Made to Suit You: Menswear Boom Brings Daring Changes to Fashion Staple

Suddenly, it seems, men have woken up to sartorial style and are invading shops everywhere to get their hands on the latest designs and the hottest creations. Yes, men's fashion is undergoing something of a renaissance, and even that staple of every man's wardrobe, the reliable suit, is undergoing dramatic changes.

The uniform of the professional man is nowadays less of a uniform and more of a lifestyle choice, and that means it's becoming far less rigid and restrictive and evolving into a more casual garment, yet it still retains its image of style and class. For years, it appeared that the bespoke office suit was in terminal decline, with many companies allowing their employees to wear such casual clothing as jeans and T-shirts; but renewed interest in the two or three-piece suit reminds us of one central fact that will never go away: many men like to look good and dress smart.

There is simply no question that a well-tailored suit conveys an altogether different impression than absolutely anything else: this is a man of distinction.

Suit designers and tailors are catering to demand by giving suits an invigorating overhaul and breathing new life back into this essential ensemble. Hemlines are rising, legs are tightening and jackets are form-fitting while allowing far greater ease of movement. The classic styles of yesteryear are not in danger of fading, however, as their enduring appeal means they will always be in style.

Another daring development in this new breed of elegant menswear is the variety of colour. Whereas before, a man's suit was limited to a few basic and neutral hues – black, grey, dark blue – now they come in almost every colour possible, and for younger men, it's often a case of the louder, the better. Colourful suits give the wearer an edge and make a bold impact.

Is all this a follow-on from the metrosexual man of recent years, where the upwardly mobile fellow paid a lot more attention to his body and what he put on it? Possibly. One thing’s for sure, though, the modern man knows what suits him.